Why Toronto is the best city to live in Canada


Are you planning to get settled in Canada and getting tensed as hesitation hits you about this city?  Do you know that Toronto is one of the safest cities in Canada to live? Yes, it is! There are some mentionable reasons for why Toronto is such a friendly city to spend years. Whether you’re planning for higher studies or reside as a skilled worker, Toronto offers is the next best option to choose and stay. Apex Visas has witnessed a spike in the visa application, and a candidate looking for a stay in Toronto. Let us check why Toronto has become a livable city in Canada:

Apex visas live in Canada

  • City location: The very city Toronto is located on the north-western shore of the famous Lake Ontario. The city includes the highest elevation of 686 ft. Toronto is preferred by a major part of the immigrants due to its amazing location.
  • No need for a car: Were you planning to buy a new car? If so then you can save that money and spend on other. This is because in Canada it is wiser to take the TTC, the rate is too cheap to mention. Else you can go on a bike as the bike culture is very strong in Toronto due to the higher speed.
  • Cheap food: the food rates in Toronto are as low as the tourists and the inhabitants find it easy to indulge themselves in the street food. Pizza, burger and other delicious menus are too pocket-friendly to be enjoyed often.
  • Cool festival: In Toronto, you would get to know some of the cool festivals and events that are absolutely free of cost. Festivals such as Taste The Danforth, Caribana, pride, Toronto Christmas Market, BuskerFest, Nuit Blanche are some of worth mentioning festivals and events in Toronto.

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