Why is Singapore a great travel destination

Who doesn’t like travelling to new places and explore the world, and when it come to Singapore it is definitely a must visit destination. It has many things to attract tourists from worldwide. Singapore has been given the place of fifth destination city in the world. Let us have a look at the top reasons that makes Singapore a great travel destination.

  • A melange of cultures– Singapore is a culturally and religiously diverse place having four official languages, English, Tamil, Malay and Mandarin. Owing to its cultural and religious diversity it has vast culinary diversity and worship places that attract tourist in large numbers.
  • Cleanliness– Singapore ranks as one of the cleanliest cities of the world. It is free from unpleasant smell and litters.
  • Ecological attractions- Singapore holds a number of ecological attractions such as the Botanic Gardens and the sleepy jungles of Pulau Ubin, the Garden by the Bay that has become famous for its evening light show, the Southern Ridges, the Green corridor to Singapore’s new zoo safari, the Jurong Lake and the East Coast, are a treat to the eyes and the senses.
  • The new art gallery– the lotus shaped Art Science Museum and Gillman Barracks consists of the largest collection of Southeast Asian and Singaporean Art.
  • The Marina Bay Sands infinity pool- the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore has the world’s largest infinity pool that attract many visitors.
  • Hawkers Centres– Singapore consists of a host of hawkers’ centres where one can get mouth watering meals at very reasonable prices. The hawkers’ centre has wide variety of unique food options to provide that attracts tourist from all over the world.
  • Singapore zoo- the Singapore zoo is one of its kind. Here animals are kept in large enclosures surrounded by non-intrusive barriers.

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