Why Perth should be your Next City Destination for Business and Residency?

Australia is undoubtedly the best country for business and permanent residency. Over the years, there has been a huge demand for Investors, Entrepreneurs & Self Employed migrants to settle permanently in Australia. Moreover, the respective governments are already in talks for a Free Trade Agreement to facilitate investments in Australia. Among all the top Australian cities, Perth is the most renowned city and is considered as the friendliest metropolis. In fact, Perth has been voted as the top 10 liveable city in the world according to the survey reports prepared by CNBC, Forbes, CNN etc. Located on the south west portion of Western Australia, it is the fourth largest city in Australia. If you’re looking forward to invest & settle in Perth, then A. V. Immigration & Careers Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (popularly known as Apex Visas) is at your service.

Next City Destination

Let us check why Perth is the best city to reside:

  • Infrastructure:

The infrastructure of the city has the blend of ancient and modern variety of styles. There are number of glass-plated skyscrapers making it worth a check. Moreover, the connectivity of different cities due to infrastructure is really good. There are two international airports – Perth Airport and Jandakot Airport. Moreover, it is also well-connected through 70 railway stations.

  • Cost of Living:

It is quite less expensive compared to Sydney and Melbourne. The average cost of living is around AUD $3000 per month and rental cost from AUD $1700 for a family. This will certainly allow you to reside and also conduct business at cheaper cost & have big savings.

  • Strong Business Center:

Perth is boosted with strong network connectivity with major cities of the Australian states and is particularly known for strong construction, agriculture, forestry and finance. Even if you’re considering for a restaurant business, then you’ll get a good footfall. However, you need to be backed with a good investment plan and finance.

About Apex Visas:

Apex Visas is a leading immigration and career consultancy services provider, headquartered in Pune with a PAN India network of 17 branches. Backed with the core team of professionals, Apex Visas has earned a great review showcasing the years of experience & expertise in this industry. Apex Visas Officers carry hands-on experience in handling various visa processes laid by Embassies & High Commissions. If you’re looking forward to join this certified company then do check out www.apexvisas.com to know more about it.


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