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4 Cities in France suitable for International Students | Apex Study Abroad

France is the most happening and developed country that has given new dimension to immigrants and international students. Every year, students from different countries head to France and settle in different cities for higher studies. Cities in France are well-developed offering good infrastructure, lifestyle and safety. Moreover, students are offered with good exposure in field of study. Students can seek assistance from expert immigration and visa services and About Apex Study Abroad is a reputed one to seek service.
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If you are looking forward to shifting to France and want to know which the best city to complete higher study is, then we bring you the top 3 list:

  1. Marseille:

This is the second biggest city in France, after Paris and has witnessed some good growth of immigrants settling here. Situated in the South of France, there are some reputed institutes and schools that are well-developed and offer scholarships and other benefits giving reasons to study. Moreover, the city has some interesting places to explore and spend time.

  1. Lyon:

2 hours from Paris, Lyon is an ideal city for students, tourists and immigrants to settle. The city is not just close to Paris, but also is a cheaper one. So for students, this is an ideal city to study and live. The city is close to mountains and Swiss border, so gives options to explore and enjoy.

  1. Rouen:

This small French city has only around 110,000 inhabitants. The city is located an hour outside of Paris by trains in Normandy and has buildings dating back to 13th century and carries historical significance. Cathedrale de Rouen, Gros Horloge, Chateau de Rouen, and others are few options to explore.

  1. Toulouse:

Toulouse is considered as the best city for students, as it has some reputed university. The reputed university here was founded in 1229. The city is located in the south-west but is not an easy one to reach. However, it is the best city for students to get higher studies.

About Apex Study Abroad LLP:

Apex Study Abroad LLP. is a subsidiary of the famous A. V. Immigration & Careers Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., the renowned experts in the immigration industry. We specialise in advising and assisting students in pursuing their dreams of Overseas Education. With a PAN India network of 17 offices, a portfolio of above 300 universities in 7 countries and with a team of experienced Educational Advisors, we ensure your dreams of pursuing higher education abroad are fulfilled without any hassles. Apex Study Abroad LLP. is a one-stop solution for all your overseas education needs. We constantly endeavour to offer you the right advice to choose the best Universities and programme according to your career needs.

Why Toronto is the best city to live in Canada


Are you planning to get settled in Canada and getting tensed as hesitation hits you about this city?  Do you know that Toronto is one of the safest cities in Canada to live? Yes, it is! There are some mentionable reasons for why Toronto is such a friendly city to spend years. Whether you’re planning for higher studies or reside as a skilled worker, Toronto offers is the next best option to choose and stay. Apex Visas has witnessed a spike in the visa application, and a candidate looking for a stay in Toronto. Let us check why Toronto has become a livable city in Canada:

Apex visas live in Canada

  • City location: The very city Toronto is located on the north-western shore of the famous Lake Ontario. The city includes the highest elevation of 686 ft. Toronto is preferred by a major part of the immigrants due to its amazing location.
  • No need for a car: Were you planning to buy a new car? If so then you can save that money and spend on other. This is because in Canada it is wiser to take the TTC, the rate is too cheap to mention. Else you can go on a bike as the bike culture is very strong in Toronto due to the higher speed.
  • Cheap food: the food rates in Toronto are as low as the tourists and the inhabitants find it easy to indulge themselves in the street food. Pizza, burger and other delicious menus are too pocket-friendly to be enjoyed often.
  • Cool festival: In Toronto, you would get to know some of the cool festivals and events that are absolutely free of cost. Festivals such as Taste The Danforth, Caribana, pride, Toronto Christmas Market, BuskerFest, Nuit Blanche are some of worth mentioning festivals and events in Toronto.

About Apex Visas:

Apex Visas is a leading immigration and career consultancy services provider, headquartered in Pune with a PAN India network of 19 branches. Backed by the core team of professionals, Apex Visas has earned a great review showcasing the years of experience & expertise in this industry. Apex Visas Officers carry hands-on experience in handling various visa processes laid by Embassies & High Commissions. If you’re looking forward to joining this certified company then do check out www.apexvisas.comto know more about it


Top 5 Things to do in Denmark | Apex Visas


Denmark is the most reputed and developed Scandinavian countries attracting a huge number of tourists every year. Apart from tourists, the country also pulls students and skilled workers in large number offering better career opportunities. For those only arriving with the purpose of exploring, Denmark has many things to offer. Dive into the sea and meet the sharks, get lost in the crowd of Santa Clauses and hike into the biggest sand dunes. If you’re visiting for the first time, then seek assistance from Apex Visas to get the tourist visa to Denmark. Apex Visas will help in every step to get the best tour experience in Denmark.


Listed below are 5 things to do in Denmark while touring:

  1. Check out the Rainbow at ARoS Art Museum:

Get the best 360-degree view of Aarhus from the rooftop of ARoS Art Museum created by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson. It is one the major attractions in Denmark, featuring large glass walkway, formed colour spectrum and elevators. You can even get the 360-degree view of the city.

  1. Explore the Building with LEGO Bricks:

Well, it is not actually made out of LEGO bricks, but it does look like the one and is filled with enough to place the whole family for entertainment. There are different zones having red, blue, and green colour, nine play terraces and three restaurants. The entire building displays the LEGO history and much more.

  1. Ski Activity at Downtown Copenhagen:

Love Skiing, then check out the man-made slop which is locally called as Ski Slope allows locals and tourists to enjoy skiing and also displays the unique idea of green initiative. Designed by Bjarke Ingels, it defines the secondary use of waste-to-energy plant and adopting of green environment initiative.

  1. Rubjerb Knude Lighthouse Hiking

Hiking at the Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse is a must and is 90 meters above the sea level. Surrounded by the scenic view of ocean and sand, hiking in this location will certainly allow you to get the best experience. This abandoned location is less crowded giving you the access to the hidden locations around.

  1. Swimming with Sharks:

Get the adrenaline experience by going deep into the sea and walk along with the sharks. Starting from the North Pole to the South Pole and enjoy the best close-up view of sharks at the Shark Center near Aarhus. It is the only center where trainers train the sharks throughout the year.

About Apex Visas:

Apex Visas is a leading immigration and career consultancy services provider, headquartered in Pune with a PAN India network of 19 branches. Backed by the core team of professionals, Apex Visas has earned a great review showcasing the years of experience & expertise in this industry. Apex Visas Officers carry hands-on experience in handling various visa processes laid by Embassies & High Commissions. If you’re looking forward to joining this certified company then do check out www.apexvisas.com to know more about it.

Why Perth should be your Next City Destination for Business and Residency?

Australia is undoubtedly the best country for business and permanent residency. Over the years, there has been a huge demand for Investors, Entrepreneurs & Self Employed migrants to settle permanently in Australia. Moreover, the respective governments are already in talks for a Free Trade Agreement to facilitate investments in Australia. Among all the top Australian cities, Perth is the most renowned city and is considered as the friendliest metropolis. In fact, Perth has been voted as the top 10 liveable city in the world according to the survey reports prepared by CNBC, Forbes, CNN etc. Located on the south west portion of Western Australia, it is the fourth largest city in Australia. If you’re looking forward to invest & settle in Perth, then A. V. Immigration & Careers Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (popularly known as Apex Visas) is at your service.

Next City Destination

Let us check why Perth is the best city to reside:

  • Infrastructure:

The infrastructure of the city has the blend of ancient and modern variety of styles. There are number of glass-plated skyscrapers making it worth a check. Moreover, the connectivity of different cities due to infrastructure is really good. There are two international airports – Perth Airport and Jandakot Airport. Moreover, it is also well-connected through 70 railway stations.

  • Cost of Living:

It is quite less expensive compared to Sydney and Melbourne. The average cost of living is around AUD $3000 per month and rental cost from AUD $1700 for a family. This will certainly allow you to reside and also conduct business at cheaper cost & have big savings.

  • Strong Business Center:

Perth is boosted with strong network connectivity with major cities of the Australian states and is particularly known for strong construction, agriculture, forestry and finance. Even if you’re considering for a restaurant business, then you’ll get a good footfall. However, you need to be backed with a good investment plan and finance.

About Apex Visas:

Apex Visas is a leading immigration and career consultancy services provider, headquartered in Pune with a PAN India network of 17 branches. Backed with the core team of professionals, Apex Visas has earned a great review showcasing the years of experience & expertise in this industry. Apex Visas Officers carry hands-on experience in handling various visa processes laid by Embassies & High Commissions. If you’re looking forward to join this certified company then do check out www.apexvisas.com to know more about it.

Canada Business Visa – Things you should know before Applying

Canada is known for offering great opportunities for business minded people. Businessmen & Entrepreneurs in India are looking forward to expand their business aborad. Moreover, with easy immigration rules and business visa norms, it has become easier to expand the businesses in Canada. According to Statistics Canada reports, in the year 2013, more than 9000 business migrants made an entry in the Canada economy. In the current situation, the Canadian government has invited many entrepreneurs to build their business by introducing different kind of business migrant visas. Apex Visas, one of the leading immigration and visa consultancy Service Company has witnessed a growth in applications for Canada business visas.
Canada Business Visa

There are different categories of Canadian Business Visa which can be good option for businessmen & entrepreneurs to apply for:

  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Visa: Investors This with a net worth of CAD $10 million & who are interested in investing at least CAD $2 million are eligible for this visa category. Under this category you can start your own business or takeover/invest in any ongoing business activity. However, since some reforms are expected, this visa is temporarily closed.
  • Start-Up Visa: Entrepreneurs with significant experience and has the ability to own and manage the business in the new country. The business migrant should invest in a new business & should have the ability to create employment and revenue.
  • Self-Employed Immigrant Visa: This visa is aimed for persons having relevant experience in athletics or cultural activities and is having the intention to be a self-employed in Canada.

About Apex Visas:

Apex Visas is a leading immigration and careers consultancy based in Pune, India. Backed with the core team, Apex Visas has earned a great clientele review showcasing the years of experience in this industry. Specially trained Case Processing Officers carry hands-on experience in handling the end-to-end immigration visa procedure laid by Embassies & High Commissions. If you’re looking forward to join this certified company then do check out the website of A. V. Immigration & Career Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. by visiting www.apexvisas.com to know more about it.

Different Types of Australian Visa you should be Educated | Apex Visas


Different Types of Australian Visa you should be Educated

Australia is the home of lacs of immigrants. From skilled independents and students, immigrant seeks different visas according to the need. The country offers different visas that allow immigrants to settle in Australia under the immigration program set by the government. Recently, Tasmania, an island state in Australia introduced new visa category for immigrants allowing them live and work for four years along with pathway to permanent residency in Australia.
Australian Visa

The new category for Skilled Regional visa introduced Tasmanian state nomination for overseas applicants. Companies like Apex Visas offer complete assistance to applicant to understanding different types of Australian visas and their rules. Let us now get a brief about different types Australian Visas:

  • Work Visa: There two different options falling under this type of visa:
  • Temporary Residence with work rights: This grants permission to stay and work in Australia up to 4 years
  • Working Holiday Maker: If you visiting Australia for recreational purpose and wish to do part-time job, then applicants aged between 18-26 are eligible for this visa.
  • Temporary Entry Visa: This applies for potential migrants in Australia for specific purpose. It focuses on skilled employment, social relations and international relations.
  • Visitors Visas: If you’re simply visiting Australia from country like other than New Zealand, then you will apply this visa or Electronic Travel Authority. Though the visa allows staying for 1 year, but is not eligible to work. You can seek Apex Visas Immigration service that can process this visa within 24hrs.

Permanent Entry Visa: To get this visa, you can apply under two main categories:

  • Migration Program– Individual wishes to movie Australia
  • Humanitarian Program- Catering to refugees

Every type of visa has its own set of rules which is important to know and follow. If you’re looking for any personalized help then do check out with Apex. Positive Apex Visas Review from customers define that how organized the company is. This certified company will provide complete details about different types of Australian visas.

About Apex Visas:

Apex Visas is a leading immigration and career consultancy based in Pune, India. Backed with the core team, Apex visas have earned a great review showcasing the years of experience in this field. Executives carry hands-on experience in handling the immigration visa procedure laid by Embassies & High Commissions. If you’re looking forward to join this certified company then do check out the AV Immigration & Career to know more about it.

Apex Visas – A visa service provider with all features that you need


A visa service provider with all features that you need

Are you looking for good visa service providers in India? Then contact Apex Visas. When you want to go abroad for education or to migrate to another country, then you cannot take care of the entire visa processing. It is not going to be easy to handle it. It is a daunting task and you will not be able to do it when you have no idea about it. You are not going to select any visa service provider for your visa and we promise that we have got all those features that you are looking for.

visa service

Here are the details about us…

  • We are having years of experience in providing visa services to our customer. This is one of the key features that you would like to know and yes we are having a lot of experience.
  • We are ready to provide all kinds of information about what would be done and how it would be done and time to time update on everything that is being done with your application.
  • We offer our services for many countries that means, we can help you get visa for different countries and this is something that most of our customers like about us.
  • We also offer personal guidance to every customer as we know that every person is different and has different needs. Apart from that we also understand that you will have different requirements behind the visa that you are applying for.

So, what else do you want from us? You still have some queries, then visit our website https://apexvisas.com/ and check it out. You can also check the Apex Visas Review to know about our services. We are one of the top and most reliable service providers for visa and immigration.

Immigration Advisors You Can Trust: Apex Visas


Immigration Advisors You Can Trust

A V Immigration and Careers Consultancy is more popularly known as Apex Visas is India’s leading visa provider. Founded in 2010 by industry experts with its headquarters in Pune, Apex Visas since then has been assisting clients to successfully realize their dreams of immigration. The organization has successfully grown to 25 offices across the globe and plans to have close to 50.


Apex Visas aims to provide reliable services to all prospective clients looking to immigrate to the cities of their dreams.The core team of Apex Visas is formed by people who have more than 20 years of experience in the immigration industry who ensure that clients get a hassle free experience. To assist them Apex Visas has a handpicked team of executives who go through rigorous & in-depth training on country-specific immigration and visa processing norms

The clients looking for immigration advice can approach any of the Apex Visas offices for a face-to-face meeting with the trained consultants who would provide in-depth insights of the process, they can even decide to opt for an ‘Initial Evaluation’ which would evaluate their candidature based on the immigration rules of the country to ensure the process is hassle free.

The prospective clients can then decide to take up the services of Apex Visas for the entire process. Apex Visas provides tailor-made solutions for the clients, they are allotted specific case officers who guide them through the entire process. Upon receipt of the visa, the clients can choose if they want from the range of ‘Apex Resettlement Services’, popularly known as post landing services. Apex Visas promises reliable services at reasonable costs. Apex Visas reviews state it to be the best because of four main reasons, they are  – knowledge, experience, transparency, and results.

The Apex Visas team has a sound knowledge of ongoing visas norms and/or rules. Secondly, the both core as well as executive team members of Apex Visas are experienced in immigration and constantly update their knowledge and skills. Thirdly, the fees for providing the same is shared upfront and unlike other companies, Apex Visas Immigration has no hidden or last minute charges. A V Immigration & Career Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is truly the best immigration service provider.

Canada Express Entry – Road Map for 2017 | Apex Visas


The categorical Entry System went through a significant overhaul on nineteenth November 2016 and also the results of a similar has induced a replacement excitement among candidates wanting to immigrate to Canada. The Canadian government as expressed aims to unharness additional invites as compared to last year and has additionally shared that’ additional folks can land in Canada as permanent residents through this technique than ever before.’

Before looking the foremost enhancements that has fuelled the thrill among prospective immigrants allow us to browse the new Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) that ranks eligible candidates for immigration to Canada on a degree score of 1200 through categorical Entry underneath the subsequent components:

Canada Express Entry – Road Map for 2017 | Apex Visas

Core human capital factors;

Accompanying spousal equivalent or unwritten factors;

Skill fungibility factors; and

Factors regarding a provincial nomination, Canadian study expertise, or a qualifying job provide of organized employment.

The recent changes within the rules have absolutely affected the quantity of invites being received similarly as have resulted within the CRS score going low,refer the image shared below for additional insight,

 Canada Express Entry
Canada Express Entry

Apex Visas recommends interested candidates to pursue Canadian permanent residence to fulfil all aspirations and dreams. tho’ the method is easy, it’s suggested to hunt steerage from trained professionals World Health Organization have expertise in understanding the principles of immigration method and may guide perspective candidates properly. Get in reality with our consultants on eighty55 80 4150/ 1800 102 4150 or send associate degree email to info@apexvisas.com

For a free evaluation visit us https://apexvisas.com/

Move to Australia – Amazing Opportunities anticipate Software Engineers in Australia


Move to Australia – Amazing Opportunities anticipate Software Engineers in Australia

Move to Australia  – On the off chance that you are a product design and are searching for superb work openings, a superior standard of life and clearly to profit – look no more Australia has gigantic open doors for experienced programming specialists to move and settle under the Permanent Residence (PR) visa.Move to Australia

A changeless living arrangement status for Australia can be acquired either under talented free visa sub class 189 or under the gifted designated visa sub class 190.
The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO)classifies a Software Engineer – 261313 as one profile which is
popular under both the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and also the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL).

According to the ANZSCO a product build – outlines, creates, changes, archives, tests, executes, introduces and underpins programming applications and frameworks. It likewise groups programming planners and programming architects as option titles which have comparative set of working responsibilities.

The advantages ofMove to Australia turning into a Permanent Resident are tremendous, please discover the points of interest underneath,

A changeless inhabitant is qualified for live in Australia inconclusively – you can make a trip boundless circumstances to and from Australia.

Changeless Residents have entry to simple training credits which are to a great degree supportive on the off chance that you plan to seek after a higher degree.

Apermanent residenthave the alternative of working for any business and in any occupation.

Endless supply of two years as a perpetual inhabitant one is qualified for get government managed savings benefits like affliction, unemployment and understudy benefits.

A perpetual inhabitant is qualified for medical coverage plot and can get free treatment at an open healing center and sponsored pharmaceutical.

A changeless occupant can support his/her relatives to apply for lasting home status after meeting some base pre-necessities.

Kids conceived in Australia to guardians with Permanent Residence status are conceded Australian citizenship by birth and are qualified for most extreme advantages in the field of instruction and medicinal services.

A changeless occupant of Australia is permitted to go to New Zealand and apply for a New Zealand Visa.

Summit Visas prescribes intrigued candidates to simply ahead and begin supporting a fantasy of making Australia your perpetual home.Though the procedure is straightforward, it is encouraged to look for direction from prepared experts who have involvement in comprehension the guidelines of movement process and can manage point of view candidates accurately. Contact Apex Visas prepared specialists on 8055 80 4150/1800 102 4150 for a free assessment or sign on to www.apexvisas.com.



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