Best places to visit in Germany


Home to majestic castles, beautiful landscapes, lush forest and the glowing rivers, Germany is a dream travel destination for many. Located in the heart of Europe, Germany holds the history of World War 2. The best places to visit in Germany are.

  • Berlin– famous for its historic structures such as Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag, Berlin attracts tourists from worldwide. Berlin once was the home of the historic Berlin Wall, portions of which are still sustaining in time in the Holocaust Memorial and the East Side Gallery.
  • Munich– famous for the Oktoberfest, Munich holds many sophisticated opera houses and theatres such as the National Theatre. The Oktoberfest began in 1810 with a royal wedding celebration and in today’s time this famous beer festivals draws millions of tourist worldwide.
  • Celle-situated on the banks of river Aller, Celle holds many beautiful castles. The Bomann Museum that displays the local history of Celle and the St. Ludwig’s Church, a 18th century catholic church are a must visit in Celle.
  • cologne– this two thousand old city in Germany has splendid view of the Rhine river and the awe inspiring birds view of the city caught from the city’s cable cars, allures many tourists towards it.
  • Heidelberg– it is home to many historic structures such as the medieval Old Bridge, the Heidelberg Castle, the Church of Holy Spirit and the Knight St.George House, are popular tourist attractions.
  • Lubeck– this city has many historic sites to offer such as the stunning cathedrals, the 12th century town hall and the old city gates, that are a must visit in Germany.
  • Lindau– located on an island it is a must see location in Germany. The waterside, bars and the local cuisine makes it an ideal vacation spot.
  • Rugen Island– it the largest island in Germany. Romantic seaside resorts, charming villas and the alluring beaches are a major tourist attraction.

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