4 Things you must know about New Zealand and its Culture

Planning to trip or permanently reside in New Zealand? You must first know about its culture and other essential things about the country. Whether you are visiting for higher studies or want to work for long years, New Zealand has some amazing things to offer for its visitors. Having information about the country is important that will help in residing

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Let us check some of the important things to know about New Zealand:

  1. The Scenery which is nothing less than heaven:

If you are visiting New Zealand, then don’t miss visiting Mount Doom, Hobbiton and other such snowy mountains. These mountains are known for its wide grassy plains which certainly not less than heaven. Every year, there number of tourists who visit these places to enjoy the beauty which they hold.

  1. English which needs Phrasebook:

Though the language spoken in New Zealand is English, but there are few words which needs phrasebook. For instance if someone says, the person is going for a tramp in the bush, it means the person is set for hiking in the forests. For ketchup, New Zealanders call “tomato sauce”. Similarly, there are many phrases, which the immigrant may take time to learn.

  1. Travel around the road:

Like other countries, New Zealand doesn’t national rail network. Trains here connect major cities and majorly operate in scenic places. You need to travel by car which is also quite tricky because of narrow and winding roads. You need to have a car or use public transport service to travel around.

  1. Culture and Society:

People of New Zealand are friendly, outgoing and polite. Though they are polite, people are introvert. People here are hardworking and business oriented which certainly reflects in the country’s economy.

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