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France is the most happening and developed country that has given new dimension to immigrants and international students. Every year, students from different countries head to France and settle in different cities for higher studies. Cities in France are well-developed offering good infrastructure, lifestyle and safety. Moreover, students are offered with good exposure in field of study. Students can seek assistance from expert immigration and visa services and About Apex Study Abroad is a reputed one to seek service.
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If you are looking forward to shifting to France and want to know which the best city to complete higher study is, then we bring you the top 3 list:

  1. Marseille:

This is the second biggest city in France, after Paris and has witnessed some good growth of immigrants settling here. Situated in the South of France, there are some reputed institutes and schools that are well-developed and offer scholarships and other benefits giving reasons to study. Moreover, the city has some interesting places to explore and spend time.

  1. Lyon:

2 hours from Paris, Lyon is an ideal city for students, tourists and immigrants to settle. The city is not just close to Paris, but also is a cheaper one. So for students, this is an ideal city to study and live. The city is close to mountains and Swiss border, so gives options to explore and enjoy.

  1. Rouen:

This small French city has only around 110,000 inhabitants. The city is located an hour outside of Paris by trains in Normandy and has buildings dating back to 13th century and carries historical significance. Cathedrale de Rouen, Gros Horloge, Chateau de Rouen, and others are few options to explore.

  1. Toulouse:

Toulouse is considered as the best city for students, as it has some reputed university. The reputed university here was founded in 1229. The city is located in the south-west but is not an easy one to reach. However, it is the best city for students to get higher studies.

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